Third Year

Third Year Schedule
9 week assignment periods for all four quarters.

***Classes Subject To Change At Any Time*** 

Eschatology IV: Revelation I-III (3 quarters)
An in-depth verse-by-verse study of Revelation which emphasizes the pre-millennial/Pre-Tribulation position. Recommended Prerequisites: Eschatology I: Intro to Eschatology, Eschatology II: Daniel and Eschatology III: Matthew 24.

Church History I: Acts I-III (3 quarters)
An in-depth verse-by-verse study through the book of Acts, emphasizing the formation and spread of the Church. The class will focus on the role of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of the church and key principles for effective ministry.

Church History II: Apostolic Fathers
A study of the defense, formulation and refinement of Christian doctrine during Church history along with a rich history of the Apostolic Fathers where you learn through research and lecture presentations that introduce you to the early pioneers of the faith. Recommended Prerequisites: Church History I: Acts I-III

Theology of Worship
An introduction to a key ministry within the church and the Christian life focusing on worship in the bible and early church history.