Focused Ministry Training / Majors

For those who desire to complete the four year program, an opportunity to pursue a major degree will be offered. This is not mandatory!

The major you select must come from one of the following:
Biblical Studies / General Bible
Pastoral Ministry

The standard four year list of classes is required of all majors. Extracurricular activities, practicum's and additional instruction will be required according to the major declared. Majors must be declared before the end of your second year.

Biblical Studies
This major is designed for those who desire to teach the Bible, but not necessarily in a pastoral role. The emphasis on this major will be interpretation and communication skills.

Pastoral Ministry
This major is designed for those who are called to be a senior or an assistant
Pastor in a local Church, and will emphasize the areas that will be needed to serve in the role of a pastor/teacher.

This major is designed for those who are called to be a worship leader in a church as well as learning to play worship music.

Biblical Studies Major: Requirements
In this major, opportunities that will be available that will provide you with the ability to fulfill the required practicum of preparation and presentation of at least two Bible studies in your third and fourth year. There will also be an introductory Greek study that must be taken as well as listening to the complete Chuck Smith tape series.

Pastoral Ministry Major: Requirements
Each student in this major is required to listen to Pastor Chuck Smith's bible study tapes during their last two years of ministry school. There will also be a requirement of serving in some capacity in a church or ministry during the third and fourth year and at least two sermons at a church or outreach function in each of your 3rd and 4th years. A letter from your pastor or supervisor can be used to validate these activities if done at a church other than Calvary Chapel La Mirada. Greek language study optional. Correspondence students can submit a tape of your sermon or the notes of your study.

Worship Ministry Major: Requirements
Each Student will be required to learn what the Bible has to say on the topic of worship as well as leading worship service either in a group study or a church service.

Personal Interviews
If you are seeking a Certificate of Ministry, you must participate in the Personal Interview at least once during the first two years. These will be held during the year as announced. Correspondence students will conduct interviews by telephone as designated by your counselor. The purpose of the interview is to establish personal rapport between yourself and your counselor, so that you will be confident in having someone to talk to if you are experiencing any problems. You will be helped to determine your major and a personal program is based upon your calling, gifts and vision. This is a discipleship program where decisions are based on scripture, prayer, and fellowship for His will and not our own.